I found a book on one skein projects and tried a small knitting and fulling (felting) project and have been hooked on transforming wool yarns and fibers into felt ever since. I spent several years creating handbags and home accessories from knitted yarn that was fulled by agitating them in hot water and soap.


One November day at my favorite yarn shop here in Saint Paul, Minnesota I saw a flyer for an adult-child class on how to needle felt an elf. So, my own children being adults, I borrowed the 10-year-old neighbor girl and together we went to the class. I had so much fun I continued making elves at home, then tomtens and figures of people.


Again at a yarn shop I spotted a lovely little bowl that appeared to be felted. I inquired and learned that there would be a class soon on how to make vessels through a process called “wet felting.” I went to that class and then another to learn how to make a wet felted tote bag. I had found my passion!


I started experimenting at home with small wet felted pieces and used them as dresses for needle felted art dolls. I combined wet felting, needle felting, beading and embroidery to created unique, one-of-a-kind dolls to hang on a wall.


I went on to making tapestries and more 3D objects, including along the way fish, lizards and other strange creatures.